Rules that regulates our actions as a society.

Revised September 7, 2017

Bylaws International Hip Society


SECTION 1 The name of this organization shall be "The International Hip Society."

SECTION 2 The Society shall have a circular seal which shall include the name of the Society and its year of incorporation.

SECTION 3 The purpose shall be:

A. To further the development and dissemination of knowledge, research and study on the afflictions of the hip.

B. To provide an appropriate educational setting that will maintain the highest level of professional standards that will lead to continuous advances in professional knowledge and treatment of disorders of the hip.


SECTION 1 There should be five categories of membership in the Society: Active, Senior, Associate, Emeritus and Honorary.

SECTION 2 Membership in the Society should be by invitation and is contingent upon continuing compliance with the laws of the Society.

SECTION 3 The active membership should be limited to 100.

SECTION 4 Membership initiation fee and members yearly dues will be determined by the officers.

SECTION 5 Active Members:

A. Qualifications:

  1. Shall be reputable practicing orthopaedic surgeons who have made distinguished contributions to the treatment of disorders of the hip joint.
  2. A major portion of their work, interest, activity and publications must be in the treatment of hip disorders.
  3. Shall have been engaged in the practice of orthopaedic surgery in their country for a minimum period of seven (7) years, and
  4. Shall be active members of the National Medical Society of the country in which they reside.

B. Rights and Duties:

  1. May vote, hold office, propose new members and serve on the Committees of the Society.
  2. If absent for three consecutive meetings, their names shall automatically be dropped from the active membership rosters unless their absence is excused by the Officers.
  3. Shall pay dues yearly.
  4. After age 65 years, their names shall be transferred from the Active membership roster to the Senior membership roster.

SECTION 6 Senior Members

A. Qualifications

  1. Same as for Active Members
  2. New Members are eligible for Senior Membership if they are 65 or more years of age.

B. Rights and Duties:

  1. May vote, hold office, propose new members and serve on the Committees of the Society.
  2. If absent for three consecutive meetings, their names shall automatically be dropped from the active membership rosters unless their absence is excused by the Officers.
  3. Shall pay dues yearly,
  4. When the member ceases to practice or at his request, he may become an Emeritus member.

SECTION 7 Associate Members:

A. Qualifications:

  1. Shall be individuals who have contributed to the understanding and/ or treatment of disorders of the hip but who are not engaged in the practice of orthopaedic surgery.

B. Rights and Duties:

  1. May attend all scientific meetings of the Society.
  2. Cannot vote, hold office, or attend business meetings of the Society.
  3. Will pay dues to be determined by the officers of the Society.
  4. After age of 65 years, their names shall be dropped from the Associate roster and transferred to the Emeritus roster.
  5. If absent for three consecutive meetings, their names shall automatically be dropped from the Active membership roster, unless their absence is excused by the Officers.

SECTION 8 Emeritus Members:

Emeritus Membership may be conferred by the Executive Committee at the request of any member no longer active in the practice of Orthopaedics. Emeritus Members shall have the privilege of attending all meetings of the Society including business meetings. They are not eligible to vote and they may not hold office or propose new members. They do not sustain a penalty for failure to attend meetings. They are not required to pay dues.

SECTION 9 Honorary Members:

Individuals may be elected directly to the Honorary membership (3/4 vote) if they have made notable contributions in the view of the Society to the understanding or treatment of disorders of the hip joint. Honorary members shall not hold office, vote, propose new members or attend business meetings. Honorary members are not required to pay dues or attend meetings.

SECTION 10 Election of Members:

A. Active, Senior and Associate Members:

An individual may be proposed for active, senior or associate membership by any two active or senior members of The Society.

The proposers shall submit the following to the Secretary and the Chairman of the Membership Committee before November 15:

A. A written letter of recommendation by the proposers explaining why the proposed new member should be considered for membership.

B. A complete curriculum vitae of the proposed new member.

C. The Executive Committee of The Society shall consider all candidates for membership and shall recommend candidates for membership for e-mail voting. A membership sub-committee from a specific country may be appointed by the Executive Committee to review candidates from that country for membership prior to the voting in order to advise membership prior to the elections.

D. Active and Senior members shall annually (May/June - deadline June 30) vote by e-mail on the names of the proposed new members put forward by the Officers and a three-quarter affirmative vote of those present, shall elect.

E. Once elected, the individual will be invited to the next meeting to present a paper at which time his/her membership will become official.

F. All new members should be sent a certificate of the membership signed by the President and a copy of the By-Laws of The Society.


SECTION I Officers:

The officers of The Society shall be the President, President Elect and Secretary/Treasurer, and the past President.

SECTION 2 Election of Officers:

A. No member shall be eligible for office who has not been an active member of The Society for at least five years.

B. The President and President Elect shall hold office three years. Because transfer of these offices shall take place at a meeting of The Society (see Article VI) this period may vary slightly so that transfer takes place at a meeting most nearly equal to a three year period after the election of the officers. There must be at least two meetings in the period.

C. The President and President Elect shall not be eligible for re-election.

D. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be eligible for re-election on a maximum of two occasions.

E. At a business meeting of The Society, the Nominating Committee shall put forward names to The Society for the President Elect and the Secretary/Treasurer.

F. Election of officers shall be by secret ballot of the voting members present at the business meeting and a simple majority shall elect.

G. The new officers assume office immediately following the close of the meeting at which they were elected.

H. In the event of the death, resignation or incapacity of the President Elect or the Secretary/Treasurer, the Officers shall be empowered to appoint an active member of The Society to hold this office until the next business meeting of The Society when new officers shall be elected as above. The President shall automatically be succeeded by the President Elect.

SECTION 3 Duties of Officers:

A. President:

  1. Shall preside at all meetings of The Society and of the Executive Committee and shall serve as the Executive Officer of The Society.
  2. Shall make all appointments to committees and fill all vacancies that occur on committees between annual meetings of The Society unless otherwise provided for in the By-Laws.
  3. Shall appoint a member to act as historian for The Society.
  4. May deliver an address at the scientific meeting.
  5. Shall be empowered to act for The Society in the event of any contingency not covered by the By-Laws.

B. President Elect:

  1. Shall preside at meetings of The Society in the absence or upon request of the President.
  2. Shall assume the duties of the President in the event of death, resignation or incapacity of the President.
  3. Shall succeed to the Presidency at the end of the meeting, three years following his election.

C. Secretary/Treasurer:

  1. Shall carry on all official correspondence of The Society and shall keep a record of the proceedings of all Society meetings.
  2. Shall keep a roster of members of The Society and a record of members attendance at all meetings.
  3. Shall present a report of the Society's activities to the membership at the each scientific meeting.
  4. Shall send out notices of meetings to Society members and shall conduct such other correspondence as may be requested by the President.
  5. Shall notify all committee members of their appointments.
  6. Shall notify candidates of their election to membership and shall prepare and distribute certificates of membership and a copy of the Society By-Laws to all new members.
  7. Shall receive all funds and deposit them in such bank or banks as may be designated by the President.
  8. Shall pay all bills of the Society and keep an itemized account of receipts and expenditures.
  9. Shall keep a record of all dues received from paying members and shall notify the President of those delinquent in payment of dues.
  10. Shall be custodian of all saleable properties of the Society and shall submit an inventory of these properties to the President annually.
  11. Shall present a financial report to the Membership at each business meeting.
  12. Shall distribute minutes of the Business Meetings to all members.


SECTION I Executive Committee:

There shall be an Executive Committee composed of the President, President Elect, the past President and the Secretary/Treasurer. In addition, there will be two at-large members on the executive committee. One at-large member is appointed by each President, for a term of six years so that there shall be a three year overlap of the at-large members.

Meetings of this committee shall be convened by the President. A quorum shall consist of the President and two other members of the committee.

The committee shall have the power to act on the Society's behalf between business meetings.

SECTION 2 Nominating Committee:

A Nominating Committee shall be elected on the first day of a meeting of the Society when officers are to be elected.

This committee shall have three members, elected or appointed as follows:

A Chairman appointed by the President of the Society, two members elected by the active membership of the Society.

The Nominating Committee shall prepare a list of nominees for the post of President Elect and Secretary/Treasurer. The Chairman of the Nominating Committee shall furnish this list to the President on the second day of the meeting of the Society at which officers are to be elected. When this has been done, all members of the Nominating Committee shall resign.

SECTION 3 Membership Committee:

A Membership Committee is appointed by the Executive Committee. The Membership Committee consists of three active members, preferably with an even geographical representation. This Committee shall review new applications and make a recommendation for membership (or not) to the Executive Committee prior to February 1st. A new member of the Membership Committee shall be appointed every two years for a term of two years. Each member may be reappointed twice. It is the expectation that for the third of his or her two-year terms the Membership Committee member shall serve as Chair of the Membership Committee.


The time and place of the meetings of the Society shall be decided by the President.

In general, it is the intention of the Society to hold a meeting approximately once every twelve to eighteen months.

At least, alternate meetings should be held in private, attendance being limited to Members and their guests. Other meetings may be held in association with the meetings of other societies, at the invitation of those societies.

Business meetings of the Society shall take place at the same time as the scientific meetings.

The program of the scientific meetings and the agenda of the business meetings shall be prepared by the President with the aid of the Secretary.


Any member may resign from the Society by giving written notice of such intention to the President.


The President may invite guests to meetings of the Society.

Members of the Society may invite one guest. Before notifying their proposed guest, Members shall submit the names of guests whom they propose to invite to the President. The President shall decide whether or not he wishes a particular guest to be invited to the meeting of the Society. Only when the President has approved the name of the proposed guest, shall the Member invite the guest.

In general, guests will be selected in so far as they may be able to contribute to the scientific meeting of the Society. Their total number shall be decided from meeting to meeting by the President but in general it shall not exceed approximately ten guests at any one meeting.


The Society may be dissolved only by the unanimous decision of all the active Members.


SECTION 1 All proposed amendments to the By-Laws must be signed by three (3) Active Members and submitted in writing to the Secretary/Treasurer of the Society.

SECTION 2 The By-Laws may be amended by:

A. A two-thirds affirmative vote of the voting Members present at a general business meeting when written notice of the proposed changes has been given to voting Members three (3) months prior to the Annual Meeting, or

B. Unanimous vote of those present at a General Business Meeting.